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Wow, I was pretty shocked by this one. Sure, lots of conservatives have come out against Bush, and Andrew Sullivan -- who once proved that one could be gay, conservative, and support Bush -- finally endorsed Kerry, but Christopher Hitchens?

Hitch has spent years as one of the most hawkish of the Iraq hawks. It never occurred to me that he would endorse Kerry... he's spent the last four years defending Bush against most of his critics.

In the end, Hitch -- who's still no fan of Kerry -- decides that "Bush deserves to be sacked for his flabbergasting failure to prepare for such an essential confrontation." So Hitch comes out for Kerry.

I keep saying it: George Bush is a poor president for everyone, including those who support the Iraq War 100%.

on Oct 27, 2004
It's seems more and more conservatives are deserting Bush and his reckless policies. I guess we just have to wait until Tuesday to see how it all plays out. Good post!
on Oct 27, 2004
I'm very glad to see this! I'm linking to it on my vote Bush out blog.
on Oct 27, 2004
That's a rather backhanded "endorsement" of Kerry. More of a slam at both of them than anything else. You should read the entire statement, not just blogic's selective sound bite.

on Oct 27, 2004
Wow, I was pretty shocked by this one.
Me, too. He was ultra liberal for most of his career until he became unreasonably hawkish--even extreme left The Nation weekly dropped him from contributing columns for it. Talk about shock and awe!
on Oct 27, 2004
Though one could argue George W Bush's cousin, John, is a not that great of choice either.

Whether you take the right path or the left path neither are the correct path!

on Oct 27, 2004
Why didn't you just link this directly to Slate? Sounds like he endorses him in a very sideways manner.
on Oct 27, 2004

Because Sullivan does a fair quote, and the original Slate piece has the planned votes of lots of other people.

To quote myself from the original post, Hitch is "who's ... no fan of Kerry". I think my description was fair.

It really tells you how bad Bush is that even these people who are pro-war and dislike Kerry still think a Kerry vote is better than risking four more years of Bush.

Thank you for your comment.