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According to Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio, Kerry will win if minority voters turnout at the level at which they did in 2000. In other words, current polls are working with a model of turnout that wouldn't accurately describe the vote in 2000, and may not be accurate now.

In fact, since a larger percentage of Americans identify as minority members than did in 2000, Kerry may benefit more than Gore.

This may explain why it appears that Florida Republicans are targetting minorities, planning to challenge them at polling booths in an effort to slow down voting lines and depress turnout. Yesterday, it was reported that top officials of the Republican Florida party were apparently involved in putting together a list of mostly black voters, with the intent of challenging them at the polls, and apparently using private investigators to determine potential voters -- once again, mostly black -- to challenge.

It is a crime to target voter challenges on the basis of race.

on Oct 27, 2004
It has been blatant democrat intimation against republicans nationwide. Ranging from gunfire into campaign headquarters in Oregon, to beligerent demonstrators barging into offices and destroying equipment and breaking peoples arms. The cycle of intimidation and violence may not be a party specific thing, but it is far more prevelent on the democratic side than the republican.
on Oct 27, 2004
More minorities? Of course, the borders are wide-open for anyone and everyone to walk in, and step in line for goodies. And if you think there isn't voter fraud involving illegal aliens from Mexico and other countries, it's time you pull your head out of the sand before you suffocate. If this becomes Bush's undoing, then good riddance. It serves him right for not securing the borders.
on Oct 27, 2004

Why look at one poll when you can look at them all?


on Oct 27, 2004
Thanks for the post GX,

If you read the Republican pollster's report, you'll see that he's saying those polls may be wrong -- that they use a model that wouldn't accurately predict the 2000 minority turnout, and may incorrectly predict the 2004 turnout.