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November 1, 2004 by blogic
Every once in a long while in this blog, I've mentioned my fondness for the Empire State Building. For as long as I can remember, I've been twisting my neck to look up at it, and have gone up to its observation decks many many times. Over the years, I've come to think of it as sort of the center of my world. Even now, my jogging route takes me by it, just to its west, underneath its soaring tower.

This summer, I was annoyed that the Republican National Convention decided to incorporate th...
November 1, 2004 by blogic
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is probably the deadliest terrorist in Iraq. Analysts think he's responsible for the deaths of thousands. Until recently, his group was apparently acting independently of any larger terrorist organization. A month or two ago he announced that he was now going to start coordinating his actions with al-Qaeda. That's yet another dismal product of the Bush's failed strategy in Iraq: it's actually made al-Qaeda stronger. Iraq had no strong connection to al-Qaeda until Bush...
October 30, 2004 by blogic
Obviously Bush's handling of the War on Terrorism and Osama bin Laden are relevant to judging Bush's presidency, and I have no real problem with either candidate talking substantively about it.

But it's creepy when Bush strategists say things like this:"We want people to think 'terrorism' for the last four days," said a Bush-Cheney campaign official. "And anything that raises the issue in people's minds is good for us."

A senior GOP strategist added, "anything that makes people nervous abo...
October 29, 2004 by blogic
You might think that with the election only days away, and with widespread concerns regarding the handling of voters and the ballots in Florida and Ohio, that the Bush administration would be wary of appearing to favor blocking voters access to the voting rights that were established in the wake of the 2000 fiasco.

You'd be wrong.

The Bush administration has filed briefs in three battleground states arguing that only its own Attorney General, John Ashcroft -- not private individ...
October 28, 2004 by blogic
Just when you think it can't get more surprising when it comes to endorsing Kerry, The Economist has come out for him. The Economist has a long history of articles that are intelligent and balanced until the final few paragraphs, at which point they almost invariably weigh in on the side of the Republicans (when talking about American politics). As I've said, the most serious problem with Bush isn't his policies, it's his incompetence. The Economist agrees.

Here's the money quote, from Blo...
October 27, 2004 by blogic
As has been documented by several JoeUsers, it appears that nearly four hundred tons of explosively mysteriously disappeared from a site in Iraq, apparently after the US took over the country.

To many of us, this seems like somewhat of a mistake on Bush's part, and naturally enough, Kerry has pointed out that Bush handled this poorly. After all, Bush was warned by the International Atomic Energy Agency, before the invasion, that this site was very important.

After days of silence, Bush fi...
October 26, 2004 by blogic
As I think most readers know, Kerry is way ahead on both his number of major newspaper endorsements and total circulation of those papers.

Bush supporters may not take this seriously, arguing that of course the "liberal press" is supporting the Democrats.

Well, it turns out in the great majority of presidential elections, newspapers have supported the Republican candidate. In fact, only in 1996 and 1992 did the Democrat receive more endorsements from newspapers.

The fact that the paper...
October 23, 2004 by blogic
I've been suprised at how little concern there's been about Abu Ghraib -- and I think liberals are as guilty as conservatives when it comes to downplaying the significance that America is torturing people. That's a big deal, (1) because it's immoral and (2) because it's a huge fscking recruitment poster for al-Qaeda.

I see people justifying the torture by arguing that anything we do that's not as bad as beheading people is morally justified, but I don't buy it. I hate to think what that wou...
October 21, 2004 by blogic
Sorry, I don't have any brilliant commentary on this. It was in the liberal New York Observer, and made me laugh. A lot.We’re all God’s children. And I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney’s daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she’s being who she was. She’s being who she was born as. Which is a lesbian. All of us need to feel comfortable being who we are, even if someone happens to be a lesbian, which is what Dick Cheney’s daughter is. Even if a young woman prefers to have ...
October 21, 2004 by blogic
I saw this a couple of days ago, and thought it was hilarious. Honestly, if you're stupid enough not to read what you put your name to, you deserve what you get.Students, who last month signed a petition that was being circulated on the Blue Bell campus to legalize marijuana for primarily medicinal purposes, now are finding out that they are registered Republicans.

"This is just very disheartening," said Plymouth resident Jennifer Fugo.Yes, Jennifer, it's a real buzz kill.
October 20, 2004 by blogic
There's been lot's of JoeUser buzz about dirty tricks, as we near the election. Tempers are high, and I think we'll all be relieved when the election has passed. And I guess any following fights between the parties regarding recounts, hanging chads, voter intimidation, and voting of the dead.

Mrs. blogic's parents live in Pennsylvania, and have had their Kerry signs stolen several times. We've traveled to PA several times, mainly to register voters, and the excitement there is palpable. T...
October 20, 2004 by blogic
The title is from an really interesting article the Guardian is running, on the role of faith in the Bush campaign. Not so much faith in God, as faith in George Bush. I strongly recommend taking a look at it. To me, it sometimes seems that some Bush supporters have an absolute confidence in their rightness that I can't even imagine feeling about my own opinions.

Anyway, check it out:First among these taboos is the military. No politician can utter a word that seems to question the armed ...
October 19, 2004 by blogic
The following was written by Glen Stassen, a professor of Christian Ethics:I am a Christian ethicist, and trained in statistical analysis. I am consistently pro-life. My son David is one witness. For my family, "pro-life" is personal. My wife caught rubella in the eighth week of her pregnancy. We decided not to terminate, to love and raise our baby. David is legally blind and severely handicapped; he also is a blessing to us and to the world.


Abortion was decreasing. When President ...
October 19, 2004 by blogic
This piece is by Scott McConnell, one of the founders of The American Conservative:To the surprise of virtually everyone, Bush has turned into an important president, and in many ways the most radical America has had since the 19th century. Because he is the leader of America’s conservative party, he has become the Left’s perfect foil—its dream candidate. The libertarian writer Lew Rockwell has mischievously noted parallels between Bush and Russia’s last tsar, Nicholas II: both gained office as ...
October 18, 2004 by blogic
I'm always surprised at how many people use free market theory to argue against taxing the rich more than the poor. These taxation haters scoff at economists who argue that since the wealthy benefit most from civil society, the wealthy should contribute the most to the body that maintains the infrastructure of civil society: the government.

The idea that the wealthy don't owe a debt to the government, and the poor, for their wealth is a modern one. I find the modern conservative indif...