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Published on May 25, 2004 By blogic In Personal Relationships
One of the reason's I've been thinking about maturity is that my life has been going through major changes.

Only three weeks ago I got married, and late last year, I moved to New York City. I feel settled, and more or less at peace with myself.

A little less than ten years ago I began an extended period of stress, depression, and change. It started with me having doubt about graduate school, but added a personal dimension (relationship stuff) soon afterward. That's probably not coincidence, it's hard to be going out with someone who's having a midlife crisis, or at least a mid-20s crisis.

It's an obscure Foundation reference (see Isaac Asimov at the wikipedia) but I grandly saw this as a conjunction of professional and personal crises.

I'm not going to talk about it in this entry, but the next six years or so changed me. To be honest, I miss the sharp feeling of growth, and learning, that I had during that period, but I don't miss the self-doubt and uncertainty about myself.

For the last couple of years, I've felt the same about the world and myself, and having an increasing awareness of whom I am, especially since I'm not changing so quickly now.

If you look at my previous entry, you'll understand that I think I've turned into a mature ecosystem. I understand, and accept, how the different parts of my personality interact.


on Apr 28, 2006
Wow. Speaking as a guy who knew you in college this is really interesting to read. Oh, btw congrats on the marriage.

I've noticed that you haven't posted to this site in a couple of years but I'll try anyway .... email me at

Mike ... one time housemate in college