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The Bush campaign says its critics are simply gloomy naysayers, and that if you remove the "liberal" media spin, we're actually winning the war in Iraq.

Someone might want to get the word to Secretary of State Colin Powell. According to Newsweek, Powell has been confiding to his friends that the insurgents are winning the war. You can thank Bush's incompetence for that. Of course, Bush has yet to ever admit that things in Iraq are going badly, so of course he's not going to admit his approach to Iraq is a failure.

Newsweek continues:
Throughout much of Iraq, but especially in the Sunni Triangle at the heart of the country, U.S. troops are unable to control streets and highways, towns and cities. And allied Iraqi troops are simply not numerous, well trained or trustworthy enough. Attacks on Coalition and Iraqi forces are now in the range of 100 a day; casualties among Iraqis are far greater. More than 900 policemen have been killed in the past year, according to the Ministry of the Interior. The Iraqi media have been targeted, too: in just the past three weeks, assassins have killed two Iraqi journalists, both female TV personalities. On Saturday, a car bomb detonated near Al Arabiya TV in Baghdad, killing seven.

Most overseas attention has focused on the 160 or so foreigners who have been kidnapped, many of them representatives of Coalition countries. But militants and criminal gangs have also kidnapped thousands of Iraqis, most of them held for ransom. As a result, Iraqi elites are fleeing by the thousands, many to neighboring Jordan. "Iraq is there for the bandits now. Anyone with the financial ability to do so has left," says Amer Farhan, who departed last summer with his father, Sadeq, a factory owner, and all of their family.

on Nov 01, 2004
It's amazing, isn't it? And they still try to say there will be elections held in January.
on Nov 01, 2004
Someone might want to get the word to Secretary of State Colin Powell.

There is nothing quoted from Powell in this article. Looks like more "anonymous sources" BS to me. Why not try using info that can actually be subtantiated.
on Nov 02, 2004
Apparently, Deep Throat is still alive and feeding blogic. No other way I can think of to "know" all this stuff that can't be proven.