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I saw this a couple of days ago, and thought it was hilarious. Honestly, if you're stupid enough not to read what you put your name to, you deserve what you get.
Students, who last month signed a petition that was being circulated on the Blue Bell campus to legalize marijuana for primarily medicinal purposes, now are finding out that they are registered Republicans.

"This is just very disheartening," said Plymouth resident Jennifer Fugo.
Yes, Jennifer, it's a real buzz kill.

on Oct 21, 2004
I read the same article a couple of days ago. As reprehensible as the actions of the petition takers were, there is no way I can feel pity for the idiots that signed the thing. There's a level of ignorance there that makes me cringe at the thought that some of these same people will be voting to elect the leader of the free world in less than two weeks. They can and I can't? What a joke.
on Oct 21, 2004
Well, in fairness, I think most of these people have -- through simple osmosis -- learned more about the two candidates than they probably knew about what they were signing.

There's a lot of economic theory about how it may be possible for uninformed actors to make "good" decisions -- that is, the decisions they would have made had they been fully informed. Interesting stuff.

Still, it's just the image of these slackers, who probably don't give a rat's ass about politics, finding out that they've signed up to be Republicans, that makes me laugh.