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October 14, 2004 by blogic
Score this as a draw, but notice that Independents favored Kerry: The ABC poll of 566 voters found 42 percent picked Kerry as the winner, 41 percent chose Bush and 14 percent said they tied.

Who Won (sorry about the crappy formating -- just keep track of the columns)
Kerry, Bush, Tie
Among Democrats 81%, 5, 11
Among Republicans 12%, 73, 11
Among Independents 42%, 3...
October 14, 2004 by blogic
Here's the descriptionAfter another volley of rhetoric and statistics from both sides of the stage, Sen. John Kerry walked away as the clear winner of the final debate according to a flash poll conducted immediately after closing statements by the candidates. According to the Gallup organization as reported by CNN, Kerry won the debate with 52% while only 39% felt that George Bush had the better night.Still searching for more results...
October 13, 2004 by blogic
Here are early poll results:A CBS News poll of uncommitted voters who watched the debate named Kerry the winner by 39-25 percent over Mr. Bush, with 36 percent calling it a tie. Fifty-nine percent said Kerry has clear positions on the issues. Before the third debate, only 29 percent of the same voters said Kerry had clear positions.I'll keep looking for other data.
October 13, 2004 by blogic
That's not good for Kerry. We'll see if that become a story.
October 13, 2004 by blogic
There are two ways to talk about who won the debate: One is to talk about how you would have scored the debate were you a judge. The second is to talk about how viewers and -- once the spin gets going -- non-viewer voters see the debate.

I'm always more interested in how the debates will be interpreted by the viewers and other voters. Personally, I've thought every debate other than the first was a draw. That's a copout, I know, but I think the candidates have performed well except for Bu...
October 13, 2004 by blogic
Hey, is it my imagination, or did Bush focus on foreign policy in his closing statements?

Wasn't this the domestic policy debate?
October 13, 2004 by blogic
And did Kerry say he hadn't?

Does anyone know?
October 13, 2004 by blogic
I don't mean that in a biased fashion. Bush is coming off well because he's energetic and aggressive. Kerry is performing very similarly to how he has in the previous debate. He's less energetic, but he speaks calmly in a measured voice, and he knows his facts.

I've generally assumed one reason poll respondents like Kerry in debates, is that he sounds presidential. I think he's doing that tonight, but Bush's game is on, and I know lots of viewers like that.

So, what do viewers like mo...
October 13, 2004 by blogic
Bush looks less angry, and more comfortable than in the last debate. Worlds better than he did in the first.

The initial take will probably be that it's a draw. My guess is that overnight polls will show that. Both Democrats and Republicans will think their candidate won, and the number of undecideds has been decreasing for at least a couple of weeks.

Conservatives are going to love Bush's performance, and it may boost their turnout. They may have been demoralized, and Bush's strong p...
October 13, 2004 by blogic
From the polling I've seen on the second debate, men respond well to Bush's willingness to attack, but women are turned off by it
October 13, 2004 by blogic
Bush just claimed he never said that he wasn't worried about Osama bin Laden. Bush looked into the camera and make fun of Kerry for claiming Bush had.

In fact, this is what Bush said:"We want him dead or alive ... but we are not too worried about him. ... He is the one who needs to be worried," Bush said.andQ: Mr. President, in your speeches now, you rarely talk or mention Osama bin Laden. Why is that? [...]

BUSH: ... I don't know where he is. Nor -- you know, I just don't spend that muc...
October 13, 2004 by blogic
For those on the Left

Mrs. blogic and I watched this spoof last night. It stars -- well, it more than stars, it's only him and the horses -- Will Farrell, doing his very funny impression of George Bush. As an aside, the guy Saturday Night Live has doing their Kerry impression -- Seth Myers -- is perfect. He looks creepily like Kerry, and knows to play it over the top instead of striving for accuracy.

For those on the Right

I feel guilty posting this. If I valued politics over humor,...
October 13, 2004 by blogic
There's a rumor that's percolated to late night television and major papers that Bush is wearing a wire during the debates. While there's obviously something going on there, I don't think Bush is getting his lines read to him. For one thing, would he have performed so badly in the first debate if some debate expert were feeding Bush lines? The simplest answer is that Bush is wearing a bulletproof vest -- the only problem with that is the White House denies it. Maybe the Secret Service doesn...
October 12, 2004 by blogic
Seymour Hersh is the guy who reported the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War, and he was one of the first people to discover that prisoners were being tortured in Iraq, at Abu Ghraib. Bush supporters reflexively deny his reports, but his facts have a history of holding up. When the torture story broke, pro-Bush talking heads told us that it was nothing worse than a fraternity prank. Then we saw the photos, and learned that some were so horrific that Congress didn't think we should see the...
October 12, 2004 by blogic
I'm sitting at my computer, radio tuned into the game. Baseball just isn't the same on television. There's something authentic about hearing radio's detailed commentary, focusing on the crowd noise that you never really notice on the tube.

I feel a little furtive. If you read my posts, you know I live in New York City, in the East Village, just a few miles from Yankee Stadium. I'm the fourth generation to live in the city. My great-grandparents Abe and Rose lived here, my grandpa Eli sti...